Getting Back To Basics

Welcome to First Water

Research tells us that children learn best in environments that offer secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, and where they feel free and safe to explore and learn.

What We Offer

First Water is a tutorial and remote learning enrichment program dedicated to providing a safe, COVID free, secure, and positive remote learning environment for children grades K-5

Online Class

Remote Learning Assistance 

Remote learning hours: 7:00AM-3:00PM. A hot breakfast will be served from 7:00AM-7:30AM. Hot lunch is prepared daily on site by 2Sisters at First Water. Snacks will also be provided.


Your child will be monitored throughout the day to ensure they are focused, engaged, actively participate in class activities, and are completing their assignments timely. Children at First Water have an opportunity to thrive in an environment that is an extension of home.


After school hours are from 3:30PM - 7:00PM.  A snack will be provided. Click Here


Board certified instructors will assist with after school and will facilitate the following enrichment activities.    

  • ESOL- English to Speakers of Other Languages (TBD)

  • STEM- Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

  • Good Samaritan Kids

  • Story telling

  • Youth appropriate live performances

  • Self Awareness and Self Worth Sessions

  • Character Development Sessions

  • Conflict Resolution Sessions

Chicken Biryani

Weekly Meal Prep 

We are committed to helping families. While we are in this COVID 19 posture, and parents are balancing work and other family priorities against remote learning priorities, we want you to know that First Water is here.


We will prepare home cooked meals for families on the go. Menus are provided weekly, and costs will vary.  Please complete the form below to inquire about this service.